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Born and raised in Jamaica Queens, to now residing in present day Harlem, Hans was known by some under his earlier name, "Flawless." After releasing his first single, “Sunglasses,” he was signed by Epic records and toured across the US, UK and China; opening for acts such as Nappy Roots and Trey Songs. Former-President of Epic, Charlie Walk, said of Hans, “His sound was reminiscent of acts like Flo Rida and Pitbull before they even existed.”

In 2014, he re-emerged under a new and more authentic moniker, "Hans Inglish." He then released three new tracks, Ah Yeah,” Dance Druggie,” andReality Show. These songs went on to be featured in numerous popular TV shows and movies but after the tragic loss of his close friend and business partner, Hans chose to step away from the music industry for a while and assumed a background role penning songs for other artists. After a chance encounter with Kacey Musgraves at a karaoke bar in Nashville, Hans even spent a few years writing with various artists in the country/ country pop music genre.

Venturing out of his comfort zone, and learning and from the artists he worked with, Hans decided to take the stage once again in 2020. His newest single, Nobody but Me, features a powerful blend of pop and hip-hop, with inspiring lyrics that encourage you to explore the cosmos of your mind. His latest works have the pop-ambiance of Pharrell Williams, the emotional impact of Kid Cudi, and theatrical articulation of Kanye West; making something that is uniquely... Hans Inglish.